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Café Yelo by Matali Crasset, France

"This week Nike presented its vision of ‘future retail’ by opening the first Nike+ Fuelstation in East London’s Boxpark."

Catalina Fernandez pastry in Mexico

Designed by Anagrama

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Baker D. Chirico

Designed by March Studio & Fabio Ongarato Design

Photos : Peter Bennetts

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Bread&Butter Berlin 2012 - Havaianas retail

Illy temporary shop in Milan by Caterina Tiazzoldi

The Future of Shopping : 5 consumer-generated trends

Eyeka Whitepaper Shopping 2020

United Nude store in London

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Rebranding of La Maison des Maîtres Chocolatiers in Bruxelles by Minale Design Strategy.

Nice Concept for the Lego Store in Copenhagen. The brand territory is well exploited based on the product design.

In Paris, Coca Cola opened a 700sq.m pop-up store/gallery during 2 months with a gallery of artists canvas/objects, limited edition bottles, games, shows, shop, experience-bar…